CNCLINK Software

There are a couple of versions of CNCLINK software which are aimed at how you want to communicate with your CNC machines. All our software is designed on and works well Windows 10 and back to Windows Vista. There is also an archive version for Windows XP.

CNCLINK Server is the starting package and is for use with regular CNC’s with a RS232 socket. Your PC can be a Laptop or regular PC located somewhere nearby to the CNC work area. (You do not need to use an old PC that has a RS232 socket as we have USB adaptors that are proven to work.)

If you want to locate the PC further away from the immediate work area then you may want to consider the Multi option. This will allow several CNC’s to communicate with the computer at the same time and the CNC operators con control the transfers from the CNC. We can provide or advise on all the equipment/devices that you may need to connect.

For Windows Tablets with USB we have developed CNCLINK Mobile for a fully portable experience. We found that working with regular software in touch screen mode on some of the smaller tablets quite awkward with big engineer fingers. Whilst the screen layout is basically the same as CNCLINK Server the interface has been re-designed for touch use. You can also easily switch your tablet between landscape or portrait.

We have long been associated Mazatrol CNC communications so this is an add on option for both CNCLINK Server and CNCLINK Mobile versions of the software.

All software is available for 30 use trials so why not check them out. Just give us a call if you need any help connecting or setting up.