CNCLINK Mazatrol

(Whilst the software is completed and working this webpage is not yet complete.)

CNCLINK with Mazatrol Option (for Server or Mobile versions) will allow you to store data from Yamazaki Mazatrol controls using the CMT Save/Read function. This option is compatible with the following controls.

  • M-1
  • M-2
  • M-4
  • M-32
  • M-plus
  • M-Fusion 640
  • T-1
  • T-2
  • T-3
  • T-32
  • T-plus
  • T-Fusion 640

You can store Programs, machine setup files and Parameters using this option. Data is communicated and stored in hexadecimal so there is no print or edit option but we can display the work numbers and descriptions if they are entered on the Mazatrol CNC’s file management page.  If you have our old versions of CNCLINK or MAZLINK then your existing files are already 100% compatible with the latest CNCLINK version.