After working with CNC Communications since 1988 CNCLINK software has been developed to make an often over complicated process simple.

1988 – The original CNCLINK software was DOS based and was developed in the era of the change from punched Paper Tape to computerisation.
PC’s were just becoming affordable and CNC machines were starting to appear with RS-232 (Computer) sockets.

1992 – We worked out the Mazatrol protocol to save data from Mazatrol Controllers (Something you previously had to have a Yamazaki manufactured device for) This became our DOS product called MAZLINK.

1998 – Our first Windows CNCLINK Software was released which incorporated the Mazatrol capability.

2016 – We have gone through many software modifications since the original Windows release but in 2016 we teamed up with a 3rd party developer to produce the CNCLINK software you see today with a new modern interface and with ease of use as a constant priority in software development.  Simple but functional software that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

The latest CNCLINK software version is compatible with Windows Vista thru Windows 10 and all old CNCLINK data files are 100% compatible with the latest software. ( We also have a version for Windows XP )

A 30 use FREE Trial is also now available.